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Urban Lines, by Jane Carr

"It all started with a housing bubble. Six years on and counting, one of the biggest ironies of the 2008 financial crash is how hard it can be to remember it amid the other political and economic realities that have crowded in since. Gentrification is one of them. Its pace has only accelerated with the recovery—another irony—and not just in metropolises like New York but in cities across the United States."

TBQ editor, Jane Carr, talks to King Williams - an up and coming filmmaker - on his debut film, ‘The Atlanta Way’, discussing gentrification and his original take on urbanism and poverty.

Watch a clip from ‘The Atlanta Way’ here.

Read the article on the TBQ website.

Planning a City’s Future, by Michelle Beaulieu

"So how do we adapt to meet the new needs and new desires of the next generation, and to plan for the future of our communities? What can help close the gap between supply and demand for urban living?"

City planner, Michelle Beaulieu, explains that she is “for real”, and that her job is necessary and vital for cities to accommodate the needs of the growing numbers of occupants.

Read more here, at the TBQ website.

NYC’s Cars and Trucks are Deadly, by Jonathan Giuffrida

"As we look at cities in this issue, it’s important to remember what they look like at the ground level - such as from the perspective of a person moving form place to place during the course of the day"

Jonathan Giuffrida reveals the shocking statistics behind traffic fatalities in NYC.

Read more here, at the TBQ website.

City Poems by Danielle Lanzet (photo via @sophiebansal)

Behind Closed Doors by Kristin Oakley (photo via @sophiebansal)

Marcel Avenue by Corley Miller (photo via @sophiebansal)

Navigating Fear by Michele Filgate (photo via @sophiebansal)

Swim, Kid by AJ Olsen (photo via @sophiebansal)

Welcome to Miami, Beckham by Alexia Nadar (photo via @sophiebansal)

Urban Lines, and interview of @iamkingwilliams by Jane Carr (photo via @sophiebansa)

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